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Working with a Professional Makeup Artist

Many of you have not used a Professional makeup artist in the past.  What can you expect?  How much should you spend?  What if you don't like it?  Those are some common questions we face when we hire a professional.  Makeup Artist offer regular/traditional makeup as well as some offer AIRBRUSH, which is a special way of applying foundation with an airbrush machine.  Airbrush is a specialized art and therefore costs are higher. 

Makeup artist are trained in helping their clients with face shape and colors, enhancing the positive and creating a long lasting wear for long day wear.  Makeup artist can enhance your look with special "tricks" of the trade and really can create drama you never thought possible.

Makeup artist normally charge for their services per face versus per hour like most vendors.  The typical cost for regular makeup is $60+ and airbrush is $75+.  Brides are always more than the bridal party.  Bridal makeup runs $90+ for regular makeup and $125-$250 for Airbrush typically. 

Is Airbrush for you?  What if you don't like the finish?  Will it last?  Well, my answer to that is YES, if you like natural feeling thinner makeup texture and long wearing formulas. Airbrush will last 12+ hours without moving, fading or sliding off your face.  It really is amazing, you have to try it and see for yourself!  The colors are custom blend to exactly match your skin tone.  I also work with all skin tones so no matter your shade, I can find the perfect shade!

Trust your makeup artist and have a trail prior to any event, you will find that you can look great and have fun while doing it!