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Is Permanent Makeup really "Permanent":

When talking about Permanent Makeup we should refer to it as Semi-Permanent Makeup.  All technicians call it Permanent Makeup because we are implanting color into the reticular part of the dermal layer of skin and is considered "permanent" because it cannot be washed off. However, unlike traditional tattoos performed on the body permanent cosmetics professionals do not use traditional ink (dye).  Permanent Cosmetics pigment is more delicate and designed to work with the skin's undertones and to mimic hair.  Every person's skin is different in regarding pigment retention.  Factors which effect longevity of permanent makeup are: color selected, age, thickness of skin, scarring of skin, use of skin care products, injectables, laser treatments, medication and sun exposure.  You will need periodic refreshing of color, depending on how light the shade of implanted pigment, as well as factors mentioned above. Most people will get 1-2 years before needing a touch up and sometimes longer, again it all depends per person.  Check out my touch up fees under "Fee Schedule".  AVK clients will never pay full price if you keep up with the maintenance.

*Please note- if a technician tells you only need one visit to complete your procedure and you will not need a touch-up, then he/she is not being truthful.