AVK Aesthetics

"Enhancing each person's natural beauty one face at a time"

What to Expect on the Day of your Appointment:

On the day of your first appointment please expect for it to be approximately 2 hours.  This appointment is very important, and I allow plenty of time for this.  I am extremely thorough and will explain everything from start to finish.  I want you to feel very comfortable with me and in having this procedure done.  I know what you are going through as I have been in the same situation; I have had permanent makeup done on my own face before and had to trust someone, so I completely understand the concerns and questions you may have.

The first thing we will do at this appointment is take your before photo.  Next, we will decide on a color.  This is where my experience comes in, as far as selecting the right color to match the existing hairs if any and also complimenting the skin tone.  When doing the eyebrows I will rub the color right in your eyebrows to show you exactly what the color will fade to.  Once the color selection is made, I will then start the drawing process. You will see exactly what the brows will look like before I even start implantation.  During the drawing process we will come up with the exact shape we are both happy with.  I say 'WE' as it is important YOU have a say in your brow shape as you will be looking at yourself everyday.  Now, I will not do anything crazy if you are wanting them to look unnatural, because at the end of the day it is still my work on your face :-).  So with that said, I will initially draw them on and then have you look in the mirror and from there will adjust the shape till its perfect. This can be a process as I am very detail oriented and will make sure they are properly shaped and symmetrical.  Once we have decided on the exact shape we are both happy with, I will have you lay back in my comfortable spa table to get comfortable while listening to soft relaxing music, so I can work my magic!  This part takes about an hour. The implements I use are 100% disposable and a one time use with NO RISK of cross contamination. 

Once we are finished, I will then show you your new brows, eyeliner or lips! I will then take your after photo.  I will apply your post ointment to the treated area showing you also how to apply it at home and then hand you the written aftercare instructions you will take home with you along with the aftercare ointment you are to follow till the treated area is healed (about 7-10 days).  We will then schedule your follow up appointment 4-6 weeks later.  At your next appointment with me, this will be used to further detail any areas that may not of held the pigment as well as any other minor details that may be needed.