AVK Aesthetics

"Enhancing each person's natural beauty one face at a time"


How does Airbrush Makeup Work?

Airbrush Makeup is sprayed on through an air compressor as a fine mist of color that gently covers the skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion.  Spraying microdots of makeup that rest on the surface of the face looks more natural than traditional makeup because it isn't rubbed into the skin and doesn't exaggerate the pores. 

What are the Benefits of Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is waterproof, sweat and tear-resistant, so there is no longer a cosmetic problem. Simply blotting, not wiping away moisture will leave the airbrush makeup in place without streaking.  With over 16 hours of wear, airbrush makeup will not fade or rub off on clothes, but yet can be easily washed away with soap and water.

How is Airbrush Makeup Different?

Traditional foundations can look obvious, caked-on or thick and always feels like you are wearing makeup.  Airbrush makeup leaves a light, seamless veil of color over the skin, creating the illusion of a perfect face because it is misted on, allowing your true skin tone to show through without masking your face in heavy foundations.  With the ability to mix airbrush foundation colors for individual custom blends is unsurpassed, resulting in a more natural look that covers skin imperfections effortlessly.

Can Airbrush cover any skin imperfections?

The wide range of colors and the airbrush technique allows the artist to cover virtually any skin imperfection effortlessly.  Bruises, birthmarks, tan lines, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, tattoos, scars and even freckles can be camouflaged completely or significantly improved in appearance.

Does Airbrush Makeup need to be touched up?

Once airbrush makeup is sprayed on, it dries instantly to a matte finish and does not require powder or re-applying.

Is Airbrush Makeup right for everyone?

Women of any age can benefit from an airbrush makeup application.  Even men can enjoy the benefits, when traditional makeup would have never been an option.  Airbrush makeup is hypo-allergenic, oil and alcohol free, so it is safe for even the most sensitive skin, no matter what age or condition.